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Operate and grow your music school business more efficiently with opus1.io!

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Private Lessons Scheduling

Schedule your teachers' availabilities, for specific services, locations and rooms and let your customers easily self-book single or recurring lessons.In-studio, home, online and hybrid (studio & online) lessons are supported.

Classes / Courses management

Schedule your classes' sessions, capacities, enrollment windows, locations, teachers, payment options and let your customer easily self-enroll and access their lesson schedule online.Visualize your complex lessons/classes schedules and take attendance in one click.

Automated Billing & Payments

All invoices are generated automatically (e.g monthly, per term) and payments processed automatically when due.Take payments by Credit Card or Cash/Check in one click, receipts are automatically emailed.Clients can pay-online on their own anytime.

Self-Booking & Rescheduling

Let your customers easily self-book and self-reschedule their lessons (trials, make-ups, weekly lessons etc.) and classes according to your studio policy.

Online Lessons

Facilitate online lessons and let your students easily join their online lessons from their opus1.io account, whether you use Zoom or any other video conferencing platform.

Learning Management

Students and teachers can conveniently share files (e.g. music sheets, MP3, videos), lesson notes and messages through opus1.io without exposing private contact information.

Teacher Management

Manage your teachers and staff schedule, availabilities, location / room assignments, time off requests, pay rates, bonuses and run payroll in one click!Teachers can request time off and their calendar will be locked as soon as it is approved. Subbing can be arranged in a couple of clicks, one by one or in batch! and all parents notified automatically.

Student / Families Management

Manage your students and families (e.g. mother, father, child, care taker). You know who is taking the lessons, who is paying for it and who to contact when needed.You can even automate split payments between multiple parents!

Automate Emails & SMSs

Receive and send SMSs directly within opus1.io and get quicker answers from prospects and clients.Teachers and students are notified of enrollments and updates automatically. Students receive lesson/class reminders automatically. You can easily filter and contact your students' families in one click by either Email, SMS or both!

Recital / Event Management

Plan your performance events (e.g. recitals, concerts, showcases), schedule your sessions and performers, keep track of performance details (e.g. piece, composer, duration, accompanist) and generate event programs in one click!Students can self-enroll, with or without payments, or be enrolled by their teacher or event planner.

Smart Wait Lists & Notifications

Maximize your enrollments by having your prospects automatically notified when their preferred time, location, teacher or class opens up.

Easy Enrollment

Send enrollment proposals to your prospects allowing them to conveniently review your pricing, accept your studio policy / terms and conditions and enroll in weekly lessons.You can also give them the option to browse other availability and hold the spot for them for a period of time

Business Optimization

Visualize your resource utilization (locations, teachers, rooms, equipment), enrollment fill rate, trial conversion reports, and all the business metrics you care about to optimize your business growth.

CRM / Client Lifecycle

Maximize your client acquisition pipeline: Track your prospects, clients and members.Your admin staff can keep track client status and communications, easily collaborate as a team, and not miss a single customer inquiry!

Modern & Fast

Opus1.io is built using modern technologies. It is modern, beautiful and blazing fast! It works great on desktop and mobile devices. Your staff, teachers and clients will love using it!

Reputation Management

Get more 5-Star reviews from your customers and track each of your locations Google, Yelp ratings! Capture potential neutral or negative customer feedback privately, without impacting your google and yelp ratings.

Prospect Management Funnel

Capture leads with a customizable lead capture form. Visualize, filter, sort and manage all your prospects to more easily ensure all leads are followed up with and enrolled!
Track last follow-up, assign account manager, and schedule next customer follow-up easily.
Batch SMS or Email your prospects in one click to maximize your enrollments!

Coming Soon: Email / SMS Campaigns

Create rich Email and SMS, and have them automatically sent to clients on a regular basis (Monthly newsletter, automated prospect follow ups weekly, monthly checkins with existing clients, get online reviews etc.)

Students / Teachers Management

Manage all your clients' information (student, parents, caretakers, payers) in one place. Easily find and email / sms students or parents. Manage prospects life-cycle and keep notes on each client follow-up, so you never miss a new client enrollment!Manage and visualize all your teachers and staff information, availabilities, schedule, pay rates, skills, and more!Run teacher payroll in one click!!

Schedule Management

Manage and visualize all your scheduled lessons and classes, whether they are In-Studio, Online and/or at Home, Group or Private, One-time or Recurring.Visualize by Day, Week or Month. Reschedule lessons or replace teachers with a single click or Drag&Drop.Filter lessons easily by Location / Studio/Room, Teacher or Service....and batch email / SMS a group of students (and their parents) in one click!

Analytics & reporting

See all the metrics you care about, that no other software give you (Active clients, active subscriptions / weighted by lesson duration, client active lifetime etc.)Track your teachers utilization and trial lesson conversion and maximize your business growth!

Self Service

Automate and scale your music studio by letting clients pay their invoices, self-book and self-reschedule their lessons based on your studio policy, see their lesson notes, communicate and share files with their teachers, all on your opus1.io client portal.Create custom call to actions link to link your website to opus1.io lead capture, registration and self booking interfaces.

Studio Management

Manage and visualize your locations, available hours, services, payment plans, resource utilization, stats, conversion reports etc. all in one place.See your most important metrics customer lifetime, teacher utilization, teacher retention, active subscriptions, revenue per location etc.

Business owners ♥️ opus1.io



Per month / per location

  • Up to 200 active students

  • Up to 50 services

  • Custom URL

  • Free Migration Support

  • SMS*

Have multiple small locations with a low number of students each? Contact us.



Per month / per location

  • Up to 500 active students

  • Unlimited services

  • Custom URL

  • Free Migration Support

  • Google Login

  • Mailchimp Sync

  • SMS*



Per month / per location

  • Up to 1000 active students

  • Unlimited services

  • Custom URL

  • Free Migration Support

  • Google Login

  • Mailchimp Sync

  • Prioritized Support

  • Webhooks

  • SMS*

Have more than 1000 students? or many locations? Contact us.

Premium Features

SMS (U.S Only)


Per month

  • Two-way SMS chat integrated

  • 8,000 SMS per month

  • Customer & Staff automated notifications

  • Batch SMSs

  • Dedicated 10DLC number (registered with campaign registry)

OPUS1IO PLUS (Reputation & Prospects Management) - NEW 🚀


Per month / Per location

Reputation Management

  • Get more five-stars Google review from your clients

  • Track Google / Yelp number of reviews and rating for each of your locations

  • Get private feedback from your clients when they are not completely satisfied

CRM / Prospects Management Funnel

  • Capture new prospect information with our new customizable lead capture form

  • Organize, visualize and manage your prospect funnel in a convenient Kanban Board, based on their status and next follow-up date

  • Customize your prospects statuses

  • Update your prospects statuses by just drag & dropping them from one status to another

  • See prospects clients history and keep track of when their account was created, when was the last follow-up, who followed with them last and when should the next follow-up be

  • Assign staff to follow up on specific prospects

  • Tag your prospects so that you can easily filter / search them & potentially batch SMS / Email them

  • Batch SMS or Email prospects by tag and or status

Automated Email / SMS Campaigns (coming soon)

  • Scheduled email and SMS campaigns targeting specific students and their parents accurately (based on their most up to date prospect or subscription status etc.)

  • Automated and scheduled emails / SMS sequences to your prospects, active members, lost members etc.

  • Create rich and beautiful templated emails

  • Track your email / sms campaigns (open rates, click rates, bounces/unsubscribes etc.)

Can I easily migrate from my current software?

Absolutely. We have helped countless schools migrate from Pike13, MindBody Online, PerfectMind, TeacherZone, Wellness Living, My Music Staff and others.
We can help you migrate all your client data and credit card information securely.

How does Online Payment Work?

We offer payment processing for many countries through Stripe, and other payment processors such as Clover Connect / Fiserv (US/Canada Only)If you already use Stripe, you can connect your opus1.io account to it in just a few clicks and start processing payments right away through opus1.io.Whether you use Stripe or any of our payment processors we can help you migrate your existing credit card data securely.If you already process a large monthly transaction volume and have a competitive rate from another processor, we guarantee we will beat (or at the very least match) your current rate and you will likely save hundreds of dollars a month on credit card fees.

I am not a Music School. Can I still use opus1.io?

Absolutely. Although opus1.io was designed with performing arts schools pain points in mind, it can be used by any appointment/class based personal service business (Kids after school activities, wellness, tutoring, etc.).

How will opus1.io help me scale?

The only way to scale a music school (or any personal service business) is to automate repetitive tasks and empower clients to schedule / reschedule at their own convenience online.Customers have come to expect being able easily book online, reschedule online and pay their invoices on their own from their desktop or mobile devices.

What is included in premium support?

With premium support our team will prioritize your support requests and questions; Including during weekends and holidays, jump on a call if needed.

What is Feature prioritization?

Need a new feature, something we don't support yet? Maybe something that will save you and your staff countless hours. Let us know and we will prioritize implementing your requests (if applicable).

Which countries are supported for Credit Card / Electronic Payments?

We support electronic payments for the United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Australia, New Zealand, Singapore
As well as: Belgium, Brazil, Bulgaria, Croatia, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Gibraltar, Greece, Hong Kong, Hungary, India, Ireland, Italy, Japan, Latvia, Liechtenstein, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malaysia, Malta, Mexico, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Thailand, United Arab Emirates.

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